Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chadd traveled to India with the Ruparel Family!

Chadd stayed in India between January 23rd to February 24th with 1st grader, Hridya and her family! He traveled to Mumbai and a popular tourist destination Goa.

Hridya and Chadd got to experience the Indian flag hoisting on The Indian Republic day.  They got to be a part of singing "Jana Gana Mana" (The India National Anthem).

He enjoyed spending time with cousins and getting to know all of them as well. It was such a fun holiday! 

Next, Chadd traveled to Goa and attended a 3 day wedding celebration! Hridya and Chadd were super surprised to see the groom (Hridya's uncle) riding a horse to the wedding with a band and family dancing in front of him!

What an amazing experience!  Thank you Ruparel Family!