Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chadd went to Singapore and Cambodia with the Krausz family!

Chadd visited Singapore and Cambodia with second grader Liam Krausz and his dad this summer.
They started their trip in Singapore, where they explored a World War II-era fort, walked the city’s cultural neighborhoods, visited the zoo and night safari, hiked through old growth rain forest, and ate their way through Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and Peranakan food stalls at the city’s hawker centers.
From Singapore, Liam and Chadd flew to Siem Reap in northern Cambodia, where they loved riding on “Tuk Tuks,” open air rickshaws pulled by motorcycle used to get around town.  Liam got to climb through the ruins of ancient temples and walled cities rising out of the jungle, including a sunrise visit to Angkor Wat, and learn about the history of Khmer empire from their local guide, Rom.  Liam also had the chance to visit a traditional arts workshop and see wood and stone carving, silk painting, and lacquer being made.  
One of Liam’s favorite memories from his visit to Cambodia was an evening food tour led by a local chef visiting local-serving restaurants and markets.  Liam got to try fried crickets, fermented river fish, and barbecued stuffed frogs among other local specialties.  The highlight of the night was visiting a restaurant in the countryside serving only one dish, duck soup, made from ducks and vegetables raised and grown on site in the chef’s own fields and gardens.  There Liam met the chef’s seven-year-old daughter who shared her dreams of one day moving to Australia to start her own bakery.