Friday, April 1, 2016

Chadd goes to DC on break with the Davis Family!

The Davis Family took Chadd to our nation's capital...Washington DC during the break!

Chadd couldn't wait to get started, and was so excited when we arrived at the National Air and Space Museum! He particularly liked the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, and the Apollo 11 command module. 

Cassie and Katie were very happy to share some family history with Chadd too. Their Great-Grandfather, William Turnbull,  helped design and build a couple of the items we visited, such as this chair from a navigation bridge!

After a stop in the Sculpture Gardens (Wow! that's a huge bunny!), we visited The Natural History Museum. Chadd loved seeing all the dinosaurs, but was happy to get back outside, where he stopped to see the flowers.

It was a beautiful time to check out the cherry blossoms, and we had great weather to visits places such as the Lincoln Memorial and The Einstein Memorial. 

With a quick wave to the White House and the Washington Monument, it was time to go home and get back to school!

Thank you Davis Family!!!