Monday, March 28, 2016

The Wang Family took Chadd to the Orlando, Florida for Spring Break!

The Wang family took Chadd to Orlando during the 2016 Spring Break!

AM Kindergartener Evan Wang was so glad that Chadd can join his family for their recent trip to Orlando! They had such a great time together!

Day 1 – Arriving at Orlando.  Can’t wait to go to Disney and have fun!

Day 2 – Visiting Disney World Epcot. Evan, little sister Angie and Chadd had so much fun while learning about the nature and the world!

Day 3 – Visiting Disney World Magic Kingdom. A super fun and crowded day…

Day 4 – Chadd had a blast at the Kennedy Space Center and watched the ULA Atlas V rocket launching (LIVE!) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station!

Day 5 – Visiting LegoLand, Chadd and Evan’s favorite day!

Day 6 – Enjoyed the Shamu performance at Sea World…  Where was Chadd?

Day 7 – The last but not the least day. Chadd attended the Jedi training and helped defeated Darth Vader at the Disney Hollywood Studio!