Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Parambil Family took Chadd out west for a great trip!

  Chadd went to Arizona with Matthew & Luke Parambil!

  Chadd had lots of fun with the Parambil family. He was on the road a lot!

Day 1: After flying in to Las Vegas, Nevada, Chadd was on the road for 4 hours to Flagstaff, Arizona. During the drive, Chadd stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Chadd stopped at 2 rock pillars driving through Arizona...

Day  2: The next day Chadd went to see the south rim of the Grand Canyon! It was a spectacular site and he was scared he would fall!

Day 3: Chadd was on the road again for 4 hours to Four Corners Monument. It is located in the Navajo Nation. This is the only place in the United States where four states intersect at one point: Arizona,  New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Chadd was standin on 4 states at one time!

Day  4: The next day was a trip to Utah to the Zion National  Park! What a site! It was amazing that a little river  could carve out such beautiful mountains! Zion National Park was Chadd's favorite site of the whole  trip!

Zion National Park...

Day 5: It was time to get back to Las Vegas to close out the trip! But a couple more stops! Hoover Dam! Chadd learned about the history of how the  Hoover Dam was made and  that 96 men  died making the Dam. He took a cruise  on Lake Mead to see the Dam from the bottom! It was so big!

Lake Mead Cruise...

Day 6: Last stop was at Death Valley, California! Boy was it hot and dry!  Death Valley is both  the lowest and the hottest place in North America.  Chadd now knows why they call it Death Valley!

Death Valley National Park...

Chadd also got to relax at the pool and watch  a show in Las Vegas, the Blue Man Group! It was 3 men in blue doing funny  things and  playing instruments! It was so funny and  really loud!

Luke & Matthew loved having Chadd with them on this road trip!