Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chadd goes skiing in West Virginia with Elisa K. and CFE friends!

Last weekend, Chadd traveled to Timberline ski resort in Davis, WV with Elise K. and a bunch of other Chadds Ford families!

Renting ski equipment and putting on those crazy boots took the LONGEST time...  Here is Chadd with Elise K, Tess and Timmy B in the equipment room.

Eventually children and adults all donned the necessary equipment and made it to the top of the mountain (note that this picture was taken a full day later!).  Chadd enjoyed warm travels in ski coat pockets.  In this picture we have the following current and former Chadds Ford Students (left to right):  Elise, Tommy, Pete K, Ross C, Jameel T, Kevin H (our transplant from Hillendale), Evan A, Nicky T, Mr. Jim T, Bryce W, Grady F. and Blake C.

Nothing says fun like NBA Allstar weekend on a comfy couch after a long day of skiing!  This was Chadd's favorite part.  Everyone brought desserts to share.

The next night everyone went tubing - hurtling 100 mph (**written by a mom so maybe a tad slower in reality**) down a hill on a tube, while holding onto all your friends' tubes.  Again, warming up in front of the fire was the best part of the night while snacking on Mrs. Denise B's cookies.  Here is Elise K and Chadd in front of the fire.

Here is Chadd chilling in the K's car on the looong drive home (thank you mother nature for all the snow - great for skiing, not so much for driving, but we can't pick and choose WHERE it snows, now can we?!).