Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chadd goes to Whistle Sports Headquarters in NYC!

Little known fact...Chadd is a huge sports fan! 

He was a lucky horse this week when Mr. Selander, father of CFE students Grace and Sage, took Chadd to Whistle Sports HQ in New York City! 

Whistle Sports HQ is home of digital superstars like Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith!  Chadd slam dunked on the office hoop, threw a Russell Wilson autographed football, bowled with world champion Jason Belmonte's autographed ball, won an award from YouTube, hung out w a cousin of the Wall Street bull, learned some core values, did some Globetrotting and practiced with the world's best lacrosse player Paul Rabil's autographed stick. 

Huge thanks to Mr. Selander for taking Chadd along!  It was "take your foam horse to work day"!