Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chadd travels to New Delhi and Kashmir India with the Zutshi family!

Chadd enjoyed visiting New Delhi and Kashmir, India recently with 5th grader
Aria Zutshi and her family!

After 13 ½ hour non-stop flight, Chadd was more than pleased to land at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport.  In Delhi,  Chadd spent his time at Aria’s grandparents' home.  Chadd was mesmerized by this city where a car’s horn seems to speak its own language. He loved visiting places like Dilli Haat (an outdoor market where artifacts from all over India are sold) and riding rickshaws.  He watched as Aria had henna applied on her hands and thought the end result was lovely.

From Delhi, Chadd accompanied the Zutshi family to Srinagar, Kashmir, a cityAria’s ancestors once called home.  Kashmir is a land of horses and Chaddwas thrilled to make many new friends.  In Srinagar, a city filled withapple and pear trees, Chadd loved taking a Shikara ride along Dal Lake witha view of the Zabarwan mountain range.  He also visited a houseboat alongthe lake (made of special long lasting deodar wood) and saw how Kashmiricarpets are made.  Chadd thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the Mughal  gardensin Srinagar and visiting the streets where Aria’s great-grandparents used tolive.  Because Aria is half Kashmiri, he thought it was pretty “neat” whenshe wore a traditional Kashmiri outfit.

After Srinagar, Chadd visited Pahalgam also in Kashmir.  Chadd was leftspeechless  by the scenic beauty in this city filled with walnut trees.  Heloved the untouched beauty at  Aru and Betab Valleys.  He also enjoyedvisiting Chandanwari-a starting point of the annual Amarnath Yatra (areligious Hindu pilgrimage).  Sitting by the side of the Lidder River inPahalgam and drinking Kahwah (Kashmiri tea), is a memory Chadd will alwayscherish.