Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chadds Goes to Harrisburg with our 4th Grade!

Chadd was thrilled when Mr. Audevard, Mr. Barr and Mrs. Brazill invited him to join the 4th grade class on their trip to the Indian Echo Caverns and Harrisburg.   

He started his day riding one of the activity buses with Mr. Barr and part of Mrs. Brazill's class.  Mr. Barr was an excellent  bus tour guide on their way to Indian Echo Caverns and was quick to point out different sights. At the tour of the Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, PA Chadd thoroughly enjoyed looking at the limestone caves and listening to the tour guide explain the various formations.  He thought the lakes inside the caverns were quite unique.  Mr. Barr's entire class even posed with Chadd inside the Cavern.  

After the tour of the Caverns, Chadd enjoyed having lunch with the 4th graders and many welcomed him at their tables.  Chadd then went with the 4th graders to Harrisburg and visited the Capital building.  He loved hanging with his 4th grade buddies at the newly
renovated Welcome Center.  He was so touched when the entire 4th grade class took their class picture with him on the steps of the Capital.  He enjoyed visiting the chambers of the Senate and House and he loved pretending he was addressing the justices in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.  

Chadd was so impressed with how well behaved his buddies were throughout the entire extended trip from all the parent chaperones.  Thank you especially to Ira Tripathi-Zutshi for sending this description and the pictures!