Friday, May 29, 2015

Chadd goes to Disney world with Abby, Jack and Rylee Hyman!

Hi guys, my name is Chadd the Charger, and I just got back from my miraculous journey to Walt Disney World with the Hyman family! I had a wonderful time learning many new things! During my trip I traveled to The Hall of Presidents, located in Magic Kingdom and learned many historical facts about our country's presidents and also watched a play on the presidents. But then to top that off I went on some of the favorite rides in magic kingdom, like space mountain and splash mountain! It was awesome! I also explored Epcot, a Disney park that created countries around the world! I journeyed through the countries:

- Mexico
- Japan
- Germany
- Italy
- Morocco
- Canada
- England

I had a blast!

I also traveled to Disney's Hollywood studios and Animal kingdom and watched incredible plays and musicals! The props and activity looked so realistic!  Of course during the trip fun was a common word used! I was really sad to leave Disney World but I truly had a fun filled and educational experience! I can't wait to go back to this magical place again.