Monday, December 8, 2014

Chadd goes to Court!

The 3rd Grade visited  the Chester County Courthouse on November 13, 2014 and guess who tagged along?  Chadd that's who!  

Captain Carbo was gracious enough to give them a tour.  They began in front of the old courthouse, then moved onto the statue known as, "Old Glory". They stopped to take a class picture with Captain Carbo holding Chadd. Chadd listened carefully as they learned about the Memorial Plaques outside of the Old Courthouse. Inside the building they saw the Wall of Honor that honors soldiers from West Chester who gave their lives in all the wars that America has fought in. Chadd got to sit with the students to listen to American History as shared by Captain Carbo. 

After the history lesson, they took a long walk down the street to the New Justice Center. Here, Chadd learned along with the students, about each of the jobs of the people in the courtroom. He sat on the jury, worked with the District Attorney, as well as the Defense Attorney. He also assisted the County Clerk who swore in a key witness to the "crime" being tried. Chadd had a wonderful time with the 3rd grade students learning about the fascinating history of West Chester, as well as the birth of America as a country.

Thank you to the 3rd grade team!