Monday, December 29, 2014

Chadd goes to India...and to a wedding!

WHOA HORSIE!  Chadd went to his first wedding...and to his furthest location to date...India!

CFE 2nd grade student, Shivam Maheshwari recently attended a wedding in India and took Chadd along for the ride!

Chadd was able to see lots of monkeys in Agra area, where the Taj Mahal is located. They can take your glasses away if you are not careful. They also show you that they can dance and collect money!

Agra Fort is the Fort of the Moghul Kings of India, including Akbaar.  The walls are as thick as 20 ft. wide!  They protected the soldiers during the war.

In Hindu Marriages in North India, the groom comes to the brides house riding on a decorated horse. Chadd participated in the procession and enjoyed the company of another horse!

Finally, Chadd was so happy to spend time with the Bride and the Groom while enjoying the wedding!