Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chadd goes on an amazing trip to Russia, Estonia, Finland and Denmark with the Selander Family!

Chadd ended his summer vacation in part of the world where the summer sun rarely stays set, with a trip through Russia, Estonia, Finland and Denmark with Nara (grade 3) and Sage (grade 1) Selander!

Here, Chadd takes in the sites of Tallinn's Song Festival Grounds with a statue of Estonia's most famous composer Gustav Ernesaks. 

He wonders if Chadds Ford Elementary would allow him to paint the school library ceiling to look like the famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia and ponders the view from the throne of the former Tsars. 

With the Olympics in Rio underway during the trip, he paused to admire the 1952 Summer Olympic Stadium in Finland from a statue of the "Flying Finn" Paavo Nurmi, who set 22 Olympic records in running.

He ended the trip by posing in the Copenhagen, Denmark airport with a local version of the Little Mermaid statue and two girls who are excited to get back to school!

Thank you Selander family!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chadd goes to Thailand with the Surarujiroj Family!

Chadd had an amazing trip to Thailand with soon-to-be 2nd grader Pryya Surarujiroj and her family!

Chadd and Pryya went to Thailand in July and August 2016. They visited her family and relatives both in Chiangmai and Bangkok. They went to many places and joined many activities in Chiangmai, Bangkok, and Pattaya. They visited temples, palaces, a national park, a floating market and went to the beach! 

They had fun riding an elephant and ox carriage. They went rafting, and dressed up in the hill tribal suit. They dined the northern style meal and enjoined the traditional dances. Last but not least, they experienced Thai dancing and went to school with Thai kids! It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience ever!

Thank you Surarujiroj family!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chadd goes to Yankee Stadium with the Nagle family!

Chadd had the opportunity to travel with the Nagle family (Blair and Charlie in 1st grade) to Yankee Stadium for the 70th Annual Old Timers' Day Game on June 12th!

On his way there he got to ride over the George Washington Bridge.  At the stadium, Chadd got to visit the Hall of Legends, Monument Park, watch the Old Timers' game and visit with Old Timer Whitey Ford, also known as Papa Whitey to Blair and Charlie. He also had the chance to watch the "new" Yankees play the Detroit Tigers. 

Huge thanks to the Nagle Family!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Chadd goes to PSU for Graduation with the Micklin Family!

Chadd visited Penn State with Maya Micklin for graduation ceremonies!  Congrats to the Micklin Family!

Chadd Goes to Egypt and Greece with the Tucker Family!

The Tucker kids (Stella in 3rd, Michael in 1st, and Lilly 4 years old) and Chadd visited Egypt and Greece for 2 weeks in May!  During this time, they visited 4 cities: Luxor, Cairo, Athens and Santorini.  In Luxor, they visited the grand Luxor and Karnak Temples, King Tut's tomb, rode a caleche through town (horse and buggy) and took a boat cruise down the Nile.  Their favorite activity was taking a hot air balloon ride over Valley of the Kings, which was both scary and thrilling.  When they landed, they ended up in a farmer's field where the kids tried sugar cane for the first time.  

While in Cairo, they visited the Pyramids of Giza and even went inside the Great Pyramid (the last ancient wonder of the world).  They rode a camel, visited the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, walked the Mohammed Ali mosque, saw many mummified kings and animals and all of the treasures from King Tut's tomb.


In Athens, they toured the Acropolis/Parthenon and enjoyed the street markets.  Finally, in Santorini, they hiked to the top of a volcano and swam in the hot springs in the Aegean Sea.  The kids all agreed that Greece has some of the best food they have ever experienced.

Interesting foods they tried included camel and koshary (Egypt's national dish) in Egypt and octopus and squid in Greece.  Of course, they tried the local McDonalds where they had a McArabia in Egypt and a McGreek in Greece.  They thought that was very cool :) 

It was a fun and exciting adventure for all!  THANK YOU TUCKER FAMILY!